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Experienced Ruby on Rails developers are getting more expensive and harder to find all the time. If you need to keep that Rails back-end updated and ready for anything your iOS apps throw at it, you need to learn a little more than the Rails basics. That's where this workshop steps in to fill in the gaps for iOS developers.

Our Rails for iOS Developers Workshop is laser focused on helping you and your iOS developers get your responsive website/webapp up and running, or keep your existing infrastructure updated and running smoothly, using the powerful Ruby on Rails framework, from creation to deployment, in straight-forward, easy to follow steps.

You need this workshop if you are
  • Building a corporate/product website for your iOS app
  • Authenticating or authorizing users
  • POSTing data back to the server
  • Aggregating and analyzing activity on your mobile application
  • Providing an API to external applications to allow integration to your mobile solution
  • Improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by providing an integrated marketing web site or blog
  • Speeding up the initial Ruby on Rails learning curve by spending a weekend in a coding bootcamp

Highly recommend Rails for iOS course (@wndxlori one of the instructors). Lots of content, very interactive. Very well done.

Geoff Kratz @farwestab

Thank you for a fantastic weekend of learning and great company!

Mo Khan

I had a great time at the class. I learned a lot and am already using Ruby in my day to day job (I wrote a bunch of scripts to link together various FTP updates, etc!).

Robert Fairbairn

ROR4Real is a great way to get a huge head start with Ruby on Rails. Working along side the instructors in irb was my favourite part - it was great asking a question and seeing how someone experienced approached it. My ruby definitely became much more idiomatic in just 2 days.

Michael Sikorsky @killingmichael

ROR4Real was a great first-hand look at how real Rails apps get developed. The emphasis on idiomatic Ruby and the Rails way, combined with the expert advice and hands-on experience, made me much more comfortable in Ruby and helped me better understand the "magic" of Rails. ROR4Real was a valuable boost up the Rails learning curve and has definitely saved me a great deal of time and frustration.

Terry Wilcox @terrywilcox

Rails for iOS is a 2 day course which runs from 9 am to 5 pm on the weekend (unless specifically scheduled otherwise), and lunch/refreshments will be provided.

We can teach this course on-site, at your team's location. Contact to schedule group training today!

Course Outline
  • Ruby Language & Tools Introduction
  • Ruby on Rails - The Good Parts
  • Building API's with Rails/JSON and the Grape micro-framework
  • Deploying, The Easy Way, with Heroku
  • iOS to Rails by Example, with AlamoFire (yes, Swift 2.0!)
  • Responsive Web Design by Example with Twitter Bootstrap
Who Teaches the Workshop?

We believe that the best people to teach you the technology are the same people who use those technologies every day. This course is taught by developers for developers.

Lori M Olson

Years ago Lori tried Ruby/Rails as an alternative to Java development and "has never looked back!" She has been delivering Rails and Javascript based applications in the oil & gas, HR, and entertainment industries for the last ten years, working for companies like Labrador Technologies, Kudos, and Scripps Lifestyle Network.

Lori enjoys mentoring & training. Delivering talks and participating on panels at conferences like Beyond the Code, RubyMotion #inspect, RailsConf, ConFoo, jQuery Conf Boston 2011, Madison Ruby 2011, Conferencia Rails 2010 in Madrid and RailsConf 2009 in Las Vegas, she and Tim have also taught workshops at RubyConf AU and NSScotland. She teaches the well received Ruby on Rails for Real workshops (RoR4Real & Rails4iOS) in Calgary, and has been a RailsBridge and Ladies Learning Code instructor and mentor, and is now the Chapter Lead for Ladies Learning Code in Lethbridge.

Tim Breitkreutz

Tim builds and nurtures software products, teams and companies.

He has managed, consulted to, and participated in many successful, agile, high-performance teams and brings a rich variety of experience to the classroom. He is a generalist backed up with deep experience "in the trenches" designing and developing software products, and post-graduate degrees in computer science and business. Tim has worked on a variety of Ruby on Rails/Javascript projects since 2006 for Labrador, Tynt, Solium Capital, and other clients.

Tim has taught software development classes at University of Alberta, SAIT, and for the Province of Alberta. He was a co-founder of the Calgary Ruby User Society and has presented at several Calgary software community groups.


When: TBD

Calgary, AB, Canada

$2000 - Early Bird

$2500 - Regular Price

Venue: Alastair Ross Centre

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